Trong một số trường hợp, có thể sử dụng từ Document thay thế cho từ Text.

Ngoài ra, văn bản tiếng Anh còn được định nghĩa như sau:

Text is one of the means used to record, store and communicate information from one person to another in certain symbols or languages.

In other words, text is a form of expressing and communicating information in written language on different materials (paper, cloth, stone …) expressing the will of a subject for the purpose of notification or request the recipient of information to perform a certain act to meet the needs of the text owner.

Currently, there is no way to classify specific types of documents, however, we can understand documents including the following types: documents, legal documents, administrative documents, contracts, invoices, certificates, diplomas, secs, wills, stele, political conditions, declaration of independence, …

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